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Are you tired of hiding your smile? Has your self-esteem suffered because of crooked, overlapping or gapped teeth?

It’s time to stop hiding! You can enjoy a huge boost of confidence with straight teeth and an attractive smile in much less time than you think.

High Speed Braces® can give you a beautiful, natural smile in less than six months! Don’t like the look of braces? Check out our Invisible Braces! Call us now at 613-235-4211 to learn more!

Call now to make an appointment and you can start enjoying a great-looking smile sooner than you think!

Frequently asked questions

Does High Speed Braces use high forces to move the teeth?

Does High Speed Braces damage the teeth, roots, gums?

Are braces painful?

Do you need braces on all teeth?

Do we ever extract teeth for braces?

What do High Speed Braces look like ?

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" It is now possible to achieve an 'extreme smile makeover' with your own teeth—quickly and safely. I can offer patients an 80 percent improvement in the appearance of their smiles in about 20 percent of the time it would take using conventional orthodontics. "
Dr. JoAnne Rochon, DMD

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