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are Trained in High Speed Braces® technology,  that enables patients to improve their smiles in a fraction of the time—and half the cost

About Us

A practicing dentist and inventor, Dr. JoAnne Rochon is one of only a handful of people in Canada who have been trained in High Speed Braces® technology, a revolutionary technique that enables patients to improve their smiles in a fraction of the time—and half the cost—of traditional orthodontics.


With High Speed Braces, JoAnne can give her patients an “extreme smile makeover” quickly and safely—without the damage caused by porcelain veneers, which require grinding down otherwise healthy teeth and must be replaced every few years.

About JoAnne

It was JoAnne’s passion for learning and for helping her patients that led her to discover High Speed Braces, an advanced technology that has been a popular choice in Europe, in the States for more than twenty years, but has only recently become available in Canada.

But JoAnne’s passion extends in other directions, as well. In addition to a degree in dentistry from the University of Laval in Quebec City, JoAnne holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa.


JoAnne put this science background to good use. In addition to her dental practice, she developed a new line of skin-care products scientifically designed to improve tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function. The result is healthier, more youthful-looking skin. JoAnne’s PRFX line of products is now sold in Hummingbird Medi Spas across Canada.

Dentist since 1993, JoAnne is partners in life and in practice with Dr. Patrick Racicot. JoAnne describes it as a “high-tech practice with a high-touch feel.” Her patients describe her as someone who is passionate about her craft and who cares deeply about the health and well-being of her patients.

Dr. Rochon’s believes that lifelong learning allows her to bring the very latest dental techniques to her practice. As well as her has three university degrees, she has finished the following courses:

  • Powerprox Masters Series Courses on Six-month Braces and Lingual Braces,
  • Fast Braces R. Course, Dallas Tx. Dr Tony Viagis
  • Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. Mini Implants
  • Advanced Training for Mini Implants at the CMI Institute

  • Comprehensive orthodontic course, Dr. Richard Litt.
  • Tip-Edge Orthodontics course on Comprehensive Orthodontics Treatment
  • Dr Rochon is currently completing an Associate Fellowship of the Academy of GP Orthodontics.


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