Toothaches and Dental Emergencies

Pain in the tooth occurs when the nerve is irritated.  The most common causes are infection, gum disease, plaque, decay, injury, or loss of a tooth, including extractions. 

Sometimes there is a problem in an ancillary area that will make the mouth hurt as well. Examples are TMJ (tight jaw syndrome) or ear problems.

If the sensation is mild, that is pretty common. If the pain is severe and lasts longer than 15 seconds, this is a warning that there could be something very serious going on. If the pain radiates to the cheek, ear or jaw, this is very serious.

If you have a serious problem, call our office for an emergency appointment. We are dedicated to your pain relief and will do whatever we can to accommodate your issues. Even if you are not one of our patients, we will help you through this emergency situation. If you like us, you may want to consider booking follow up appointments and regular dental examinations.

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