Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Rochon is an Associate Fellow of the Academy of GP Orthodontics. She practices the Differential Straight Arch Technique (DSAT) of tooth movement for those patients who require comprehensive orthodontic treatment. These people include growing children and also adults whose wants and needs cannot be met with Hih Speed Braces®.

The DSAT is unique, both with respect to the design of the bracket used and in terms of the use of light intra-oral forces to achieve a beautiful smile and a proper bite.

Dr. Rochon uses the Tip-Edge PLUS bracket, which guides the tooth towards its final destination very quickly using the path of least resistance. Only light intra-oral forces are needed to eliminate deep bites and large overbites. Patients seldom complain of discomfort and no headgear or functional appliance is required. Surgery is rarely needed to correct skeletal discrepancies—even in adults.

Consultations with Dr. Rochon are complimentary.
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