Dental Confidence

  What’s something that is hard to build but once it’s firmly established is hard to destroy? Well, there are many things that can satisfy these particular criteria but this particular thing isn’t physically tangible. Confidence; when a person is confident in themselves and the decisions they make, they are truly unstoppable. Getting to that... Read More

Schedule Your Dentist In

  When you’re a child, life is full of joy and wonder. You are able to be more carefree because for the most part, the weight of having to make decisions or dealing with things of great importance is left to your parents/guardians, aka the adults. Fast forward a few years and you will become... Read More

New Year, New Smile

It’s 2016! A new year can mean many different things to people. If the previous year went well for you, 2016 should be a continuation of whatever it was that made it so good, with the addition of new things to help make it even better. If last year wasn’t what you wanted it to... Read More

The Benefits of Invisible Braces

They say seeing is believing, but sometimes it’s good to believe in the things that you don’t see as well. Take for instance an actor that is working on a movie that will contain computer generated imagery (CGI); they have to believe in and act against characters that aren’t really there, and trust that the... Read More

Mini Implants for Maximum Effect

Sometimes things that are ‘mini’ are just as good (and sometimes even better) than their larger counterparts. Some good examples of this include: appetizers, cupcakes and a vehicle that has the name mini in its name. Another great example of something that is mini but has a major effect aremini dental implants. Mini implants can... Read More

The Benefits of Getting High Speed Braces®

In life, we seem to constantly be in the pursuit of perfection. Whenever an event is approaching the requires a certain type of attire, there’s the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ outfit. If you have a school/work project, you will dedicate many hours toward it in order to achieve the ‘perfect’ project. The reality is that... Read More

Dentists and Orthodontists

Peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard, chocolate and vanilla; these items are all opposites in some ways, yet they are able to compliment each other very well. The flavours may seem conflicting while on their own, but together they are harmonious. Dentists and orthodontists are sometimes seen as conflicting practices, yet that couldn’t be... Read More

Reasons to Visit your Ottawa Dentist

Has it been a while since you’ve seen yourOttawa dentist? Do you not even have an Ottawa dentist that you visit regularly? If this is the case, fear not…you are not alone! Going to the dentist is something that is on a lot of people’s ‘to-do’ list, yet sometimes doesn’t always get done. As time... Read More

The Cost of an Unkept Mouth

  Teeth and gums are not only a very important part of your mouth, but of your body as a whole. They assist with chewing and eating, but they are great indicators for potential underlying health issues as well. For instance, if your gums are prone to bleeding, there may be a more serious issue... Read More

The Importance of Proper Dental Braces

  We live in a world that is obsessed with outer appearance. It’s fine to always want to look and feel your best, but trying to keep up with standards that are set by the media is never the way to do it. It’s important to know that the intent of many publications and media... Read More

Post-Halloween Cleaning

  Another Halloween has come and gone! All of the little ghosts, goblins, doctors, astronauts, witches, superheroes and the like made their way door to door, smiled their cutest (yet spookiest!) smiles, said ‘trick or treat’ at the top of their lungs and were greatly rewarded for their efforts. After a nightlong trek, a bag... Read More

Mind Your Molars

  The importance of regular brushing and flossing is something that is ingrained into us from childhood. Brushing in circles, up and down, back and forth, making sure to clean your tongue thoroughly, etc. are all things that are important to do, regardless of age. Building those habits at a young age and maintaining them... Read More

Braces Pain Management

  Being in pain is not fun. Whenever you get any type of procedure done, regardless of what part of the body it occurs on, chances are there will be a level of pain or discomfort. This may happen either during said procedure, or afterward during the recovery process. However, this doesn’t mean that you... Read More

Adults and Braces

  Regardless of the area, we as humans are always seeking perfection. A chef for instance, will work tirelessly to craft what they believe is the perfect dish and plating. The only problem is that the concept of perfection varies from person to person; what one chef deems perfect could be abysmal to another. In... Read More

Orthodontic Study group

  Attention: If you are in need of braces, you’re in the right place! Dr. Rochon’s dental office will be conducting an orthodontic study group and is seeking qualified patients…Read More

Insider tips about Dental Insurance

If you have dental benefits, you are very fortunate. Some of you may even have double coverage if your life partner also has benefits. Dental plans are best used to cover preventative maintenance visits, and if you see your favourite dentist on a regular basis, chances are your plan will be sufficient to cover all... Read More

Dental Implants

Simply put, dental implants are titanium posts that are placed in the jaw bone to replace the root of a missing tooth. The post is coated with a material that attracts bone and within 3 to 6 months the jawbone becomes fuzed to the dental implant making it a very strong replacement for your tooth.... Read More

Change your breath from bad to good

What Causes Bad Breath? The worst part about bad breath is not knowing you have it!. Fortunately, this problem is often easy to fix. About 80% of bad breath comes from the mouth. Cavities or gum disease can lead to bad breath, as can tonsils that have trapped food particles; cracked fillings, and less-than-clean dentures.... Read More