The Benefits of Invisible Braces


They say seeing is believing, but sometimes it’s good to believe in the things that you don’t see as well. Take for instance an actor that is working on a movie that will contain computer generated imagery (CGI); they have to believe in and act against characters that aren’t really there, and trust that the end result will make sense and look good. When it comes to the world of dentistry,invisible bracescan be put into that same category; they don’t look the same as traditional braces but once you put faith into them (and your orthodontist) amazing results can occur.

Invisible braces, unlike traditional ones tend to be a more comfortable way to straighten your teeth. Standard braces are usually equipped with brackets and wires which have to be tightened at regular intervals in order to straighten the teeth. With traditional braces also come many food restrictions as many foods can get caught in between the brackets and wires, causing the whole system to not work at an optimal level.Invisible braceshowever are much more smooth, comfortable and are equipped with aligners that are removable, which makes cleaning your mouth much easier. Also, the food restrictions usually associated with standard braces don’t apply with invisible ones, as they are removable.

If you are in the market for braces, make sure you contact yourOttawa orthodontistand discuss the possibility of invisible braces. You will be able to achieve the smile of your dreams and not have the limitations that standard braces offer.