Braces Pain Management

Braces Pain Management

Being in pain is not fun. Whenever you get any type of procedure done, regardless of what part of the body it occurs on, chances are there will be a level of pain or discomfort. This may happen either during said procedure, or afterward during the recovery process. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have to suffer!


Going to the dentist can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. Now, the best Ottawa dental professionals always make sure to manage any pain the best way possible and promote a healthy and as pain-free as possible environment. When getting braces, the pain may occur while in the chair getting them adjusted, or just during your everyday life as they are slowly correcting the appearance of your smile.


It’s impossible to eliminate all pain and discomfort associated with braces, but there are some great ways to minimize it:



The consumption of cold or frozen beverages/treats is not only refreshing at any given time, but can provide a world of relief to those suffering from discomfort due to their braces.


Soft Foods

Braces can make your teeth and gums quite sore, so stick to foods that are softer to help with the chewing process.



If the pain ever becomes too much, there are different medications that can be prescribed to you by your Ottawa dental professional, or can be retrieved from your local pharmacy.


If you’re someone who recently got braces done or will be getting some soon, this blog wasn’t meant to scare you, but rather to inform you about pain management options.