Mind Your Molars


The importance of regular brushing and flossing is something that is ingrained into us from childhood. Brushing in circles, up and down, back and forth, making sure to clean your tongue thoroughly, etc. are all things that are important to do, regardless of age. Building those habits at a young age and maintaining them throughout adolescence and adulthood is important for proper oral hygiene.


Growing pains wasn’t just a popular sitcom, but something that that most people actually experience. Getting taller and going through puberty is a rite of passage that everyone must go through. When it comes to our mouths, they go through some changes as well, in the form of wisdom teeth. Not everyone will experience the appearance of wisdom teeth in the back of their mouths and that is completely normal (and has no affect on how wise you are either!). For those who do end up getting wisdom teeth, and don’t have to get them removed due to a lack of space, keeping them clean is very important. Regular brushing is important, but can sometimes be ineffective for the teeth all the way in the back of your mouth.


The best way to ensure that your back molars are properly cleaned is to floss regularly, giving special attention to the back of your mouth. A tool called a Sulcabrush is also very effective in helping to clean hard to reach spots in the mouth. Finishing your toothbrush session with a thorough rinse of mouthwash and water will further ensure that every hard to reach area in your mouth is clean.


Contact your local Ottawa dental professional about the best techniques to keep your hard to reach teeth clean and healthy.