Post-Halloween Cleaning


Another Halloween has come and gone! All of the little ghosts, goblins, doctors, astronauts, witches, superheroes and the like made their way door to door, smiled their cutest (yet spookiest!) smiles, said ‘trick or treat’ at the top of their lungs and were greatly rewarded for their efforts. After a nightlong trek, a bag full of candy is the result, and if most kids had it their way, a sore stomach would ensue from eating a large portion of their retrieved candy that same night.


However, being the good and responsible parent you are you’ve allowed them to enjoy some of the fruits of their labour from the night, but have to hide the rest and parcel it out over time so they don’t over consume it. The children of today are very crafty though; hiding it (and being able to keep it hidden) may not work for too long. This then leaves you with two options: one, give all of the remaining candy away and sleeping with one eye open for the rest of your life or two, stress the importance of a balanced diet and proper dental hygiene so they come to the realization of candy moderation on their own.


Instilling the proper dental techniques in your children at an early age is important, and even more so right after a candy filled holiday. Making sure your children, brush, floss and rinse regularly is key and that you schedule regular cleaning and check-up appointments with their dental professional. If you ever have any questions about what the best dental care techniques are make sure to consult with yourlocal Ottawa dental professional.